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AVID makes you feel welcome, and out of all my classes, I feel the most comfortable with AVID. They help you stay organized and you solve problems with each other (tutorials). If you join AVID, I can guarantee you won't regret it!

- Sarah

* * * * *

Ever heard of the saying, 'Knowlege is Power?'  Well, doesn't matter, just come to AVID anyways.  Make new friends and interact with everybody.

- Syed

* * * * *

I really feel that AVID has helped me a lot...At the beginning of 8th grade, I was really disorganized but since our class regularly does binder checks it helps me keep my grades up and I enjoy filing my papers now. The part I enjoy the most is the field trips...We have recently taken a trip to UC Berkeley and will be going to Stanford.  It allows us to see college life..

 - Karina

* * * * *

AVID has really helped me with school.  I am learning new topics as well as reviewing them for long-term remembering. The Cornell Notes were helpful reviewing what I learned in class.

- Anon

* * * * *

In our class, we do work that helps us better understand what we are learning in our other classes. We do activities that give us ideas for our future, such as posters of colleges.  What we do in class to help our learning is to take Cornell notes and use learning logs...[we] also have work days so we have extra time to finish anything we need to.  All in all, it really can support our learning environment.

- Sharmane

* * * * *

One time, Mrs. Warnert's brother-in-law came to class!  Mr. Warnert talked about his experiences in high school, college, work and internships and how they affected his career path - firefighting.  Although it might sound somewhat childish having a firefighter come to class, he showed us that it's okay to not know exactly what you want to do as a job or in college.  Mr. Warnert was an engineer at first, but then he became a teacher until he decided to become a firefighter.  He also showed how college and a degree can help you later in life - for example, it made him more qualified to get a position.

- Lucas

* * * * *

AVID has helped me get back on track and get my work done.  It also helped with questions I don't know, through tutorials.

- Dalton

* * * * *

Tutorials and workdays helped me know my class mates better.  When I walked into the classroom on the first day of school, I only knew two people.  Now, I know more people and AVID is one of my favorite classes.

- Clarissa