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NEW Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy and Expectations

(Beginning January 11, 2021)

Please review these expectations and policies with your child so that they are aware of their expectations for distance learning. Parents should also review them with a “parent lens” in order to know what the expectations are for parents during distance learning. Knowledge is power!

  • Students are expected to report for class on time each day.

  • Students must remain in class for the entire class period until dismissed by the teacher.

  • Students' faces must remain in the camera view the entire class period. Cameras should not be facing the ceiling, ground, forehead, hairline or wall during class time. Teachers need to be able to visibly see student faces when instructing students.

  •  If a student is in the classroom and on time they will receive a ”present” code.

  •  If a student has technology issues and gets kicked out of class due to internet connectivity, the parent should contact the office immediately to report the issues. Persistent technology issues could warrant a home visit by school personnel to find out about the technology issues and help the family resolve them.

  • Anytime a student is absent from school, the parent should call the attendance line and report that absence. Absence reasons should not be reported to the teacher.

  •  If a student has had a medical appointment and missed school, the parent should email the appointment paperwork to the attendance clerk for processing. Notes should not be given to the teacher.


  • Students who are not in the classroom when the teacher takes roll call will be marked absent.

  • Students who enter the classroom and leave without permission will be marked absent and the absence will be coded as “left w/o permission” and could warrant a cut of class.

  • Students will be marked absent if their camera is not on the students face (unless there is a medical excusal form). Teacher will request twice for the student to adjust the camera to show their face before removing them from class. The coding for this absence will be “removed from class for camera violation”.


  • Students who are late entering the classroom after roll call has begun, will be marked tardy when they enter the classroom. Teacher will also ask the student the reason for tardiness and mark those comments in the attendance comment section.

  • Students who are removed from the class for camera violations will be marked tardy once they are admitted back into class after removal from the classroom.

Thank you in advance for working collaboratively with the school to ensure that students are on time, on camera and in school each and every day.


Report Absences, Tardies or Appointments

Parents please call the absence line at 510-656-4000 press 7 or email one of the attendance clerks:

Yvonne Ng at (LAST Name A-K)

Karen Joe at (LAST Name: L-Z)

Clearly state the following information:

  • Your name and call back phone number

  • Spell out student’s first & last name

  • Student’s ID#, if known

  • Teacher(s) Name

  • For Absences or Tardies

    • Reason for absence or tardy (sick, technical difficulties, etc.)

    • Date of absence or tardy

  • For Appointments

    • Reason for appointment (medical, dental, orthodontist, passport, etc.)

    • Date of appointment

    • Time student left class

    • Time student returned to class

    • Email appointment paperwork

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