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School Registrar

School Registrar: Christina Flores
Email Address:
Phone Number: 656-4000 Ext. 48109

New Student Registration:

Please present

  • Up to date immunization information
  • Student Birth Certificate
  • Withdrawal information From school last attended

RESIDENCY INFO (One item from each of 4 categories)

1. One of the Following - Current Picture ID

  • California Drivers Licence
  • California State ID card
  • Government ID card
  • Passport or consulate issued
  • Credencial para votar Mex.
  • Picture ID

2. One of the Following - Current Original Document

  • Valid California vehicle registration
  • W-2, form, state or federal tax Return files w/in the past 12 mos.
  • Pay check issued by employer with both Employers and employees address and Name imprinted on pay check
  • Social Security Card

3. One of the Following - Current Original Property Related Document

  • Property tax bill or close of Escrow Statement
  • Rental or lease agreement name of Landlord/land owners name and Address & phone number must be Printed on documents

4. One of the Following - Current Bills

  • utility bill
  • car insurance bill
  • official business mail (i.e. bank statement, health ins., credit card statement, etc.)
  • state agency mail, Housing Authority Voucher

PLEASE advise registrar if your student has a current IEP/Special Education/504

Contact registrar with any questions you may have.

District  Enrollment Info